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Why Sustainability Transformation is about more than the environment
Organisations around the world are embracing Sustainability Transformation
Fujitsu believes this covers three core areas: the environment, economies and societies. But what does that look like in practice?
Organisations are pursuing Sustainability Transformation across all three areas
Their top sustainability goals are:
1. Environmental
Responding to and complying with sustainability regulation
2. Economic
Developing sustainable supply chains and ecosystems
3. Societal
Creating better health and wellbeing initiatives for employees
“The concept of Sustainability Transformation covers not only short-term goals, but also initiatives for the future. Large enterprises have a responsibility to promote all areas of Sustainability Transformation.”
Shunsuke Onishi
SEVP and Chief Revenue Officer*, Fujitsu
*With effect from 1st April 2023
Companies around the world that have achieved net zero or are planning to:
Companies whose sustainability transformation had a positive impact in the following areas:
The following metrics are being actively tracked by companies in these regions:
“Sustainability transformation is the right thing to do and is ultimately good for business”
Environmental change is one of the first things organisations want from their Sustainability Transformations
But it’s not their only goal – they also expect Sustainability Transformation to give them economic success
And societal change is becoming an important part of sustainability
The vast majority of organisations recognise that Sustainability Transformation is important for both ethical and business reasons
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Source: Fujitsu’s July–August 2022 survey of 1,000 business leaders across 15 countries
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