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Sustainability in action: delivering transparency
When it comes to corporate sustainability, incremental change is no longer enough. More and more leaders are realising that future-proofing their business requires a full transformation, taking a strategic and holistic approach to sustainability throughout their operations.

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Those efforts can only go so far without proper metrics. To keep sustainability on track, companies should be rigorously measuring their progress and reporting it with transparency.

But which metrics should take priority in a company’s strategy, and how do you determine which benchmarks to follow?

In this interview, Hannah Stubbings, Senior Editor at FT Longitude, talks to Julie Kae, Vice President of Sustainability, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Qlik, about the true measure of success in Sustainability Transformation.

Conversation highlights 

How data can make a difference in the drive for sustainability 

“It becomes really the task of a sustainability team to pull this data and to then report these metrics on an annual basis. The real opportunity for business is to then integrate that knowledge into your everyday business decisions going forward. And that’s how organisations will be able to achieve the goals that they set for themselves.”

How companies can translate their metrics into tangible progress

“Yes, companies are becoming better and better at reporting their metrics as they look at the previous year or even previous quarters. The trick now, however, is this ability to take that information to design better processes going forward.”

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