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“Why are we here? How are we making the world a better place?”
As businesses worldwide adapt to the new normal, Sustainability Transformation has shifted from nice-to-have to business critical. Learn how this shift can transform your business.

“Sustainability transformation goes to the core of the business: Why are we here? How are we making the world a better place by us operating as a business?” says Ioannis Ioannou, Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London School of Economics. 

The challenge, explains Seb Henbest, HSBC’s Group Head of Climate Transition, is that until now climate has been viewed as a business risk. “How do we grasp the opportunity and how do we help solve this problem at the same time?” he asks. 

According to Ellen Devereux, Quantum Computing Consultant at Fujitsu, technology will be key to unlocking these opportunities: “We need to not shy away from further computational power, if we think about everything that we've achieved with computers in the last century.”

So what does sustainability transformation mean for today’s businesses? And how will technology help meet the opportunities and challenges head on?

In this audio feature Sean Kearns, editor-in-chief at FT Longitude, speaks to Ioannou, Henbest and Devereux about the opportunities that sustainability transformation offers today’s organizations and the role technology and innovation will play in getting there.

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